Expanded thoughts.

Hello everyone! Sorry for the incomplete journal entry with the bewildering title. Just toclear up any confusion, I was most certainly NOT referring to DS people. You have all been nothing but great to me. I was talknig about my friend with an eating disorder. We got into a fight. EVERY time we hav a fight it is because I confront her about her treating herself like shit, as well as me. She needs me though. And I don't deserve sympathy because it is my chocie to stick around. But it would just be nice to hear "I love you" back every once in a while. Every time we end a convo I say "Love you" and she says "bye." It makes me feel like she doesnt care enough. She says it to her other less close friends. She tells me its hard for her to say it to me because we're so clsoe and she wasn't brought tellnig people she really loved that she loved them. Confusing? yes. Annoying? Very. Understandable? I suppose, but it doesn't make it any less easy for me. I hate saying this because it sounds stuck up, but she resents me because I got farther in weight loss when I was sick and weigh less now. She eats less than me, but I try to tell her she is just as, MORE even, sick as me. Her emtabolism is just so shot. She is a beautiful girl though. Simply lovely.  She ended up in the hospital. I talkd to her crying and she blew me off. She always ends up telling me to piss off and never wants to hang out and it makes me feel that I'm not good enough for her but I know she has a tough time. I ask myself why I stay friends with her, but I already know the answer. Because I love her. And I never did know when to give up on something.