I made Thanksgiving dinner yesterday for our family.  My husband worked on Thanksgiving and so we had our dinner yesterday.  I started on Friday making deviled eggs and rolls.  My daughter, who is 10, wanted to help.  I let her make the deviled eggs.  She did a pretty good job.  My husband helped me make the rolls.  I didn't get a lot of help yesterday.  My husband was busy cleaning the house and we got into an argument because I was hungry and wanted something quick to eat.  I was going to get myself a slice of pecan pie.  He told me that I need to watch what I eat.  I seriously was not in any mood to be told what I should eat.   He is one to talk...he drinks three cups of coffee a day.  those cups are actually about 3 normal cups in one and he loads them with the "flavored" sugary creamer and then sugar.  So in all, He gets about 9 cups of coffee in one day loaded with sugar.  He thinks since I cannot exercise that I need to watch more of what I eat.  I pointed out to him that I have lost 10 lbs since I had my bladder diet and have not put that weight back on.  I almost didn't eat anything after our fight.  My blood sugar was so low though that I had to.  Then when I went to eat I was sick to my stomach.  I had to take a glucose tablet just to be able to eat.  At least the pecan pie would have given me protein as well as sugar...LOL.  I know it is not healthy but I don't do it every day.   Today will be another busy day.  I am going to make the ravioli for Christmas dinner.  I will probably be in bed by 8 again.   I didn't even get my kids to bed last night.  My son put my daughter to bed and tucked her in.  He is such a good boy.  I really appreciate how he helps me out.  
Other than the fatigue and typing and slurring, I have been doing fairly well.  My husband thinks I am cured.  I don't.  I pick up on all the little things that are still around.  I think if anything I may be in a "remission" of sorts.  Symptoms aren't as bad as usual.  I can' t convince him that I still have issues.  He just sees the walking.  If that is all you look at, yes, I am doing much better.   In fact people I work with have asked if I am on a new medication that is helping me.  No, just in remission...LOL.  I am not on meds for this crazy illness.  While I want it to continue, I fear that I won't be taken seriously by the docs because I am doing so much better.   What a vicious cycle. 



It\'s the holidays. Eat and enjoy! I know this is a crazy illness. It is hard for people to understand it if they are not experiencing it themselves. Do continue to go to the doctor to get a dx. Have a good day. :)