exhaling, almost

The bedroom that I use as my "office" (aka "place where I pile up all my s*** so it doesn't pollute the rest of the house") has been sorely neglected for about a year and half now.  I started to shift the mountains and throw out old mail - dated 2008.  Pre- massage therapy school.
But now that I have my LMT and the current school year is 4 days away from being finished it's time to set a new batch of goals and write them on the walls.
(I really can do that.  When we moved in to our current home my "ex" ((long complicated story, we're still great friends)) flew out from the west coast to help us move and built floor to ceiling bookshelves with doors for me.  I coated the top half of the doors with chalkboard paint because one way I like to think is to list things across large surfaces.  Helps me keep the big picture in sight.)
But before I put them up in neat chalk lines, a bit of brainstorming first.  I'll do that here.  You've been warned.  Loqaciousness shall ensue.  In no particular order:
Goals already on the page here:
- weight down to 150
- gain 15 pounds muscle. Do I really want to have this as my goal still, or do I want to focus on building strength, endurance and flexibility?  I've also notice that since I've stopped riding my balance isn't as good.  I think I need to seriously work on that too.
- earn Masters +60 (puts me on maximum salary track and enhances pension).  Helpful if I pick a focus and earn credits.  Some of these can be earned in-service (can all?)
Other goals to prioritize:
- build massage practice.  Get advice on organizing client and billing info, finding new clients.
- take national certification exam in August
- massage workshops and further training: repetitive use, sports, myofascial release
- debt free by retirement, including mortgage.  I'm going to need help with this one, I've never been great with finances and I know I need new money habits.  Have some fires that need to be put out rather quickly.
- new fitness goal: possibilities - bodybuilding, distance cycling, biathlon (?)... part of the motivation here is that I want my massage practice to promote wellness and fitness.  So I need to model fitness - and currently I don't (I'm 30 pounds heavier than the competition photos, it's not all muscle) to the degree I want.  Eating cheese didn't help.
- be organized enough.  been ignoring this for a while, just putting out the fires.  Time to get pro-active
Okay... so here's what the Goals board on my wall says:
Long term:
+ build massage practice to $20K per year
+ model fitness/wellness (appearance, strength, endurance, infury prevention, inury free)
+ debt free by 2024
+ creative outlet/growth (need to make time for artistic activity)
+ find and pursue focus for profession development (educator).  How much can you do in house?
Short term:
+ immediately: new soummer routine, don't wait until July.
+ dentist.  eyeglasses
+ budget help (two phone calls listed)
+ business plan. Start implementation
+ clean up office
As I was listing stuff, I found that I needed to write up two more questions to ponder, in smaller print:
Where/how do you want to spend retirement?  Where do you want to grow old?
I'm 51.  I'll probably teach another 14 years.  If I can master body mechanics I may have 20 - 25 years to pursue massage (including teaching it after about 10 years or so).  And then what?  If I live as long as Dad, where do I want to be when I get to be that frail?  What community do I want to have around me?  Who is going to sustain me in my old age?  What network do I need to be building now so that "old and alone" is not something I need to fear?



Further thought: right about now so many students are thinking about graduation. Moving on to the next level. What new studies to pick up. What careers to pursue.

Two of my colleagues are retiring at the end of this school year. They\'re moving on into a volunteer mode.

I can\'t help but think that my goal pondering this evening, at this stage of my life, is not so different than the kind of planning I had to do when choosing a major, choosing a career, choosing a place to live, choosing a mate...

Except that this time around I hope that the kinds of choices I\'ve made before have taught me how to make better choices now. I went through my undergraduate years in a steady state of blind faith, not knowing from one semester to the next HOW it was going to be financed. There then ensued a heavy student loan debt that was difficult to repay on my poverty level wages when I started teaching (no joke. I was earning $700 a MONTH and even by 1981 standards that was below poverty level for a single person. I ended up working evening/weekend jobs, 70 hours a week to make ends meet).

I made other life choices because I believed I had no other options available. In hindsight, gee, I coulda had a V8. So to speak.

So now... what reality do I want to create? I\'m still thinking about it.

I intend on always being your friend and as long as I\'m around, you\'ll never be alone. And now what\'s this about \"chalk paint\"? That\'s cool! Yeah I\'d say the best place to start is with organizing that room...going through those old papers and seeing what\'s what.
The other goals are important too, especially the one about increasing your business. You\'ve worked hard on getting that license and it would be nice to see you steadily increasing it. Summer\'s a good time, I think, because there\'s a lot more sports related work for you. Wouldn\'t hurt to cozy up to some of the local leagues.... Of course with that you need to work on your own fitness. It\'s a good visual advertisement even though you\'re not directly helping with their muscle mass etc. I think the idea is that you\'d look healthy enough to participate in a sport because (inference) you take the time to massage sore muscles. Sell maintenance.
Speaking of which it\'s good to have teeth and eyes checked; you\'re a package deal sweetie! Public interface and all that.
And as far as creativity, I\'d say drawing on the walls--especially if they\'re not padded is quite creative, for starters anyway. I\'m sure more ideas will come to you... maybe as you go through those papers!
But these all sound like very positive steps so good for you and thanks for inspiring me to a few of my own!

Wow ... you sound incredibly motivated. It sounds like you have been thinking about goals for a bit ... this wasn\'t just brainstorming was it? I like the chalkboard idea. I think conquering the small doable goals first to see progress is a good idea. I also would put calls out there to get information about other goals such as the master\'s degree and in-house credits etc. Woohoo ... cheering you on and celebrating the little things as well as the big.