exercise goal #2 - 2nd day at the gym

Good morning everyone,
I went to the gym alittle earlier.  I left work at 3:30pm so I can get to the bank and deposit my check (I hate direct deposit - I have it for savings only but like to control my own checking deposit).  I went home to check on tika.  He could care less....I decided to grab my bag and get over to the gym.  I was there at 4:45pm.  Went to Wegmans and spent a small fortune.  gotta get ready to eat better, we are having our biggest loser team start a few weeks earlier (starting on 3/9).  that way, when it kicks off at the end of the month for the actual hospital - we will all lost about 5 lbs.  I hope. 
It was crowded but not too bad.   I figured in a few weeks, most of these people will be gone (my gym day will decrease by a day due to the 5K training program on 3/24).  I started on the eliptical first - being the hardest.  It wasn't too bad.  I was on it for 20 minutes. Looked straight ahead and watched CNN on the tv on the wall. Every machine was taken.  I started to panic about 5 minutes before I finished because every treadmill machine was taken.  Thank god when I got off, there was a few open.  I grabbed one really fast.  I forgot my waterbottle top on the eliptical I was using.  I said to myself - forget it, if I move the treadmill will be gone.  I will grab it on my way out.  I did the same workout as Tuesday  3.2 for 10 minutes, 3.4 for 5 minutes, 3.6 for 8 minutes (increased it by 2 minutes), 3.4 for 5 minutes and the last 2 minutes was 3.2.    I like your idea Bri about increasing the resistance.  I hate to exercise in the AM.  I'd have to get to the gym by 5am (this is a 24 hr gym - people work out at 3am  LOL!!).  Im not the greatest morning person. Being my 1st week back - I didn't want to push it.  I might try that next week or the week after.    I am just looking at a good base for when I start the 5K training on the 24th.  I might be walking mostly but I'd like to be with the run/walk group.  More about that later.  There is a meeting for it on Monday eve and will type a goal update for that then.  So it looks like I will be doing a 2 day rest for today (regular day of rest) and tomorrow (a very dear physician from my hospital system died and going to the wake at 1pm, plus going to dinner with my 2 friends Jen and Paul again).    I will go back to the gym on Sunday (should be nice and quiet in the AM).  Probably feel it but with the 5K meeting at 7pm on Monday, I will be back to working out tues/thur/sat next week.
My health update after 2 workouts:  OK.  This morning I woke up with a tinge in my lower back.  I don't know if its flank pain (PKD pain) or just from working out and waking my muscles up.   I took an ibruprofen (generic) - I know I shouldn't take it due to PKD but its in my desk for "dire emergencies" and not take it because.    I bought some extra strength tylenol when I went shopping yesterday.  Feels good sitting down.  I may have to do my busy work today and do minimal walking around (lunch only and to get my 2pm snack of watermellon and carrots).  Anita from across the hall said if It gets any worse to go home. I don't think that will happen.  I'll blame it on the exercise.  It will get better.  I just have to make sure I have rest inbetween.