excuse me for venting....

I just need to. I want to learn about you, my new friends, and your troubles, but in the five minutes I have, I just need to write.
This weekend was hard. Yesterday, I couldn't help but burst into tears about Juno. My husband gave me a hug. I try to supress it from him.
I was just looking at such sweet pics of Juno just now and it triggered everything. He was such a gentle soul. I miss his presence in my life. He was so loving and good.
Today sucked. I was in a decent mood when I got to work, ready to be productive and forget things for awhile, and everyone was in an awful mood -- fellow teachers, students, etc. I have a long mtg after work, too.
It's hard being married. I've only been married since August 2012. We didn't know each other for long -- which is why my family has disowned me. That's too painful to write about right now. Matt is a loving, giving husband, but he's reached his threshold about putting up w/my grief over Juno...and I understand it and resent it at the same time.
I'm tired of saying I'm OK when I'm not. I want to go home every day and fall asleep under the down comforter we have and shut out the world.
Forgive me if I've mentioned this before: but my doctor said one of the reasons I might be missing Juno so much is due to the fact that he gave me unconditional love -- complete, pure, endless, unconditional love -- which is something I've never received before, not even from my family. And now it's gone.
I'm in a bad mood. I should just end this entry now.