Ex nightmare

He don't help me clean then complains that I haven't done something like I'm god dam wonder woman. I clean and he throws his chocolate wrapper n the floor. He's trying to push me to see how far I will go, I think he wants me to move out. When his son comes down I will probably have two people to clean up after. I fucking hate sexist men. Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean it's my job to do all the housework. I know he works all day but I work too and he don't do anything on his days off except play games on his pc or the wii, sometimes it gets too much and thats when I don't do any cleaning. It's physically exhausting working out, doing the house work and then going to work until ten. What have I got myself into?
But through all this, something always picks me up and gets me through each day. Its when I'm depressed that I hear and see things here, I think someone is watching over me willing me to pick myself up. I hope so anyway.