everyday thingschange

probably i was certainly not expecting whats been going on.didnt look for it and wasnt expecting it by gods grace the last days have been shorted outno one left alive otherwise. so near to exit so near to knife in the plug.melodrama or what?new lives for old.perhaps i did it?and this is a parallel universe where i find a soul mate whois all i could hope for and so much like me.is this a good thing however?certainly to undestand and be understood can only be with a fellow bp.its my defining characteristic.that and the self criticism.   a new friend a new best friend i hope to replace bryan who is about to take his own migrationthe goodwits fly. might call grant a fellow romantic to skite about all this-if he only got married a year ago more or less he shldnt be envious or jealous.  no names btw   beautiful autumn day and my party just a fortnight away.if i live that long i pray