Error Message

If I were walking around in public with my shirt on inside out, and I bumped into a friend in a store, I would want them to point out my wardrobe error so I could go into the rest room and fix the problem.
If I make a stupid grammatical error, I also would want my friend to point that out to me, rather than just letting me go on making a fool of myself.  Why are those two situations so different?  I've noticed that people get angry if you point out their grammatical blunders.  Why is that?
I've given this a lot of thought.  Here in the US, our educational system is on the rocks and taking on water.  I see high school principals on tv using speech that makes them sound like someone who dropped out of school before the fifth grade.
I've always believed that bad things happen because people let them happen.  People pilfer things at work, cheat on their taxes, lie to their partners, spout all kinds of racist filth...and no one seems to say to them...that's wrong what you are doing.
Allowing our educational system to disintegrate is not just a concern for parents of school-age children, it's a matter of civic responsibility.  Let's start right now with a defense of the English language.  If someone makes a stupid grammatical error, point it out to them.  If they get angry, then you have found out that they are a jackass besides being ignorant, that's all good.  Things like that are good to know.
I think we should pay schoolteachers at least twice what most of them earn now, and doctors half of what they earn now.  We need to look at what is important in life.  And we should ease up on testing of students and start testing teachers.  If a schoolteacher can't pass a test of English at the eighth grade level, they should be suspended until they do remedial study on their own that equips them with a basic knowledge of English.  Otherwise, things will just keep getting worse and worse.
Here's a beginning lesson for those of you out there who can't write English without making errors...totally free of charge.  The word I is used when it is the subject of the sentence, the word Me is used when it is the object of a verb or preposition.  They are not simply interchangeable.
Stop using the word I whenever it follows the conjunction in "between you and I" and "Kate invited Gwen and I to the party."  Both of those are wrong, it should be "between you and me" and "Kate invited Gwen and me to the party."  This is something you should have learned by the sixth grade.  If you speak like an illiterate person, you are making a fool out of yourself, so this is my gift to all of you...totally free.