Equally Exciting Equinox

In but a few days the equinox is here, the beginning of spring and the end of winter - Hurrah! No more shall the cool draughts of winter keep us encaged, no more shall the clouds keep their sovereignty over the days. New life is coming, let us be thankful for this.No more grey clouds bringing gloomy moods; happiness shall peak out from it's winter slumber. Be grateful for all this, for this is the beginning of another cycle; the year has come full turn. Lambs bleating, daffodils spreading and shining their golden glows among the fields, let us sing and dance. All of you who have been sitting at home, entombed by misery - let the sunshine fill you up, let a smile grow upon your face, for it is time for you to come out of hiding, and the world is now yours. You can be free to enjoy yourself, to smile, and to open up like the flowers around us. Take Care my friends, for nature, she has given you peace again, and joy, spread the joy. The warmth of spring has come to us, and like the flowers and the birds and the bees and all of nature's beauty, let us all go and grow, grow out into the world and stake our claim in it. We are finally in a position to let joy flow into us again, the sunlight... let it dance around you, and let yourself get carried away. Go have fun my friends, for Spring is here again. Riddles