Last night our son, T-Man, had asked for $50.00 so that he could take his girlfriend out on a "real' date.  He wanted to treat her to dinner and a movie.  This was the first time since last July that I've given him cash.  In addition, I trusted him he'd spend on what he said he would.  T-Man told told us that he won't be seeing his girlfriend for 10 days because she was going on a vacation with her family, and wanted the date to be extra special for her because he wouldn't see her for awhile AND ....she stood by him when he needed someone during his fight to get off of drugs.  When he was on house arrest she came almost every day, even on weekends.  He thought it was so thoughtful of her because she chose to come to our house rather than going out with friends.  He said it couldn't have been too exciting for her to be at his house - being that his mom was always in the same room.  LOL Anyway, he promised he woud do extra jobs around the house to earn the money that was spent on his date.....I just hope he does..... :-) Yesterday I wrote my thank yous.  I wrote to T's investigating probation officer, the juvenile detective, the two officers who last arrested him, and his court appointed lawyer.  I am in awe .....what great people they are.  We are so grateful ...... I just HAD to thank them..... Oh..... I HAVE to add that T right now has his friends over playing video games!  And he's not even on house arrest!  Before the house arrest he very rarely brought any friends over.  Of course, the friends here are different.  And here I was worried that he wouldn't be able to find any new friends, since the ones he had before had been close "friends" with him for quite some time.  Don't know WHY I worried, however, because he has such a great personality.  He's great with people and can fit into any group.