Energy Security Risks And Global Financial Markets

We already know about the energy issues, and the successful Energy Security Roundtable held last year, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) Committee on Sustainable Energy. The round table generally held is to launch an Energy Security Forum during its annual session on Thursday 20 November 2003, which was began at 10 a.m. in the Salle du Conseil of the Palais des Nations.

We can easily see the best panellists and delegates during the round table meet in order to share their best ideas on how energy security risks and the financial markets affect each other and Dr. Togrul Bagirov was one of them. He said that energy security is very important in today’s market and more importantly for the policy makers, energy industries and the general public. Not only this, Togrul Bagirov also said that there can be an increased sense of vulnerability and concern about the future availability of reasonably priced energy.

He also exclaimed that the instability and continuing conflict in Iraq along with a lot of tensions in the Middle East, and day to day terrorist attacks directly means the unfavourable investment climate for a number of producing countries. Togrul Bagirov Nobel also said that the growing energy import dependence of major consuming countries, and the corporate and policy failures are the major consequences due to the same. Even, he asked to recheck the Enron bankruptcy and the recent electric power blackouts in North America and Europe, they all are contributing to heightened anxieties.

Togrul Bagirov Baku has also participated in the most critical political concerns debated recently so that they all can come up with the best ideas  for energy security and the economies of ECE member States of the Economic Commission for Europe.
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