Energy is back and dream world has deepened.

So I've been communicating with spirits full time as of late sometimes feeling very psychotic around other people. Bring it on. I have no fear. I'm learning about them and giving them names. I'm kind of lucky to have a mild form, but I guess it's not that mild since I'm disabled and debilitated half the time. But for now the dream world is far better than the real world. I have company, cool, interesting, a little impatient at times for sure, I might be a little boring, the mondane stuff, but I don't want them to leave. They are my best friends and always have been. I realized we kind of have a borderline personality relationship. I need to work on that. I don't like this go away, but don't leave me thing I've got going on. I fear they'll leave me for good but they never have thus far. Is this mental illness or mental telepathy? I think it's important research here. I sometimes wish the dream world were even more real. But may be that happens when I die. I'm not ready for that yet. One of my voices told me "It's par for the course." I get it. Some people really have it bad, they can't tell reality from the dream at all. I'm lucky. I'm lucky. Oh lucky me!