I wrote this last night when I couldnt sleep -  ARGH pain!
Every night we lay awake just wondering,
How did we get here through the stumbling?
Now can I make it back where life begun?
Back to a time where I could prove,
to a time where I could choose,
The world was my oyster I couldn't lose.
Now I'm praying God bless my soul,
help my now more then ever before,
There are people around me who suffer more,
The ones I love, who I truely adore,
With the end of each day, I close my eyes, grit my teeth,
and continue to pray,
for the lives I ruin it seems along with mine day to day,
Deliberating pain turning me insane,
I can't fight I'm constantly wrapped in chains,
I'm losing grip, I'm burning out,
Another pill they swear will cure this doubt,
With that another theory to test the waters,
My life lay in their hands, I'm not sure they've thought of this,
I'm not dieing, but I feel just as bad,
As I lay here, paralyzed by pain thinking about the freedom I once had,
Operation after another,
Another doctor another cure,
How many times will we endure?
More promises to end this pain,
I go in circles, going insane,
There will be a day, where we have no doubt,
About the future we can't think of now,
I will be positive and I will stay strong,
I promise you doctor you won't string me along,
Because there will come a time,
where the pills and the continual cries will come and reach a certain height,
We wont have to get those looks of shame, the looks that we're not in pain,
Those looks that we shouldn't be drained, those condesending looks will change,
And I will be brave, even if they tell me it will never change,
I will fight along with the struggle, to get those to see,
What exactly this disese does to me,
To every woman who has had to fight,
Who has lost their fertility right,
Who also lays awake at night,
Who can't see the light,
We will fight, We will fight.
I hope you like it. It's more a rhyme.. a poem. Not sure.
Another vent for me!



Loved it hun well done xoxox

I agree with rebel7- well done! :)

Thankyou ladies =) xx