End of a hard week

Well the start of a new week.I spoke with Lynn about my meeting with Human Resources& she was devastated about what happened.She said what she said was taken out of context.
She had a few bad nights like me & lots of tears. I then got a phone call from my manager to say things would stay as they are now. So what was all that about?I would love to be able to go back to working mornings. It has really made a difference healthwise but makes it hard to arrange to see friends. Not that we do that much now as I  am always too tired.
I did'nt go to the funeral as I felt so sick & could't face it so I rang Lois & said I would'nt be there. I rang her today & it all went well so I am pleased about that.Today I felt so tired I stayed in bed reading & sleeping until 3pm. At least I got some washing done.
I can feel my body burning & know the stress does'nt help but it will be ok.
We are going to have a change of security guards at work. I am not looking forward to that. We have had the same ones for years & they are great so I will miss them driving me around. The contract was'nt renewed so it all comes down to money not the people working.It takes time to get used to a new guard as they work so closely to us.
Well, I have had my ramble. I was going to go to the pool but it is too late now. As long as I go twice this week I'll be happy.