I joined this site 3 years ago when my pregnant, 18 year old, prodigal daughter walked out of our lives.   The pain was so deep I didn't want to live.    So much has happened since then...   her husband violently attacked her (she is ok), and she came back into our lives.   It was a horrible way to get her back, but it opened her eyes.   It was great to get to know my precious granddaughter and try to rebuild our relationship with our daughter.    She is doing better, but still not making great moral choices.   We are not estranged, but we are not pursuing her because of her lifestyle.    She calls and comes over occasionally, but it's not great.    Now we are having issues with my son, making bad choices and now in legal trouble.   He, at least, is very repentant and wants our help and is willing to make changes in his life.

If you are in the throws of a major crisis with your family, a few things I have learned to encourage you...   don't wait for this crisis to get better to pursue joy in your life.    Not to be a pessimist, but many times when you get through one trial, another is on the horizon.   So move forward with your own life and enjoy the people and life that God has given you- even it's not the one you wanted.  I heard a wonderful sermon by Rick Warren, whose adult son had committed suicide after years of battling mental illness, and his wife's mantra was to "choose joy."   God can use us in our pain if we will let Him.  Do not allow your prodigal child-or anyone- to control your happiness.   Love on the people you do have in your life, help someone who needs it, and find things you enjoy and will keep you healthy.    

God is big and can do things we never imagined.    And this life is just a blip on the radar screen of eternity.