Emotionally challenging

I think I'm in for an emotionally challenging week. Monday night my boyfriend broke up with me saying lets just be friends. I'm not sure how I feel about it as neither of us is moving out we will be kinda like roommates. It's weird I feel kinda numb.
Also a customer  from work which I've known for years is slowly dying. It started off with him getting gangrene and had to have both his legs amputated. He would phone the shop and I would take his groceries to him and have a little chat. When I took his things to him last week, he told me how he burnt his finger. It started as a small red mark but started eating into his finger, although the doctors said it was healing. Now, last night, one of the other girls I work with had a call from him to take him ciggarettes although he quit smoking months ago. So something was  wrong. When she came back she said how he was hugging her and gave her a kiss.  His neck has stopped working and when he tries to raise his head he can't breathe or talk.  She said she don't think he is going to last long, and I think she is right. It sounds like his body is shutting down. It's upsetting, specially as he was there on his own. I think he knows too because he is making the most of it by having a ciggarette. This has emotionally thrown me as he was one of the nice customers. A regular who would always stop for a chat and laugh and joke with us. But knowing he is like this is heartbreaking.