Emotional times

We have our backpacks ready to go.  I was walking around the house carrying it to see if I will be able to manage it.  I think it weighs about 15 pounds.  We really don't have time to practice on the trails.  We didn't realize that the girls were going to be traveling home with us rather than with Harvey and Beth. 
We are headed to the Airport at 4:30 tomorrow morning!  We go to Ottawa first and leave for Greece on the 2nd.  Cevyn and Ayoung have had a good vacation.  And despite the fact that our plans for this week didn't quite work out, we have enjoyed having them here - they have been a breath of fresh air.  They are such young women at some times and children at others.  They just left to go to Chinatown with Joe - their last stop of interest before leaving Alberta.  Cevyn has a few places she likes to visit each time she is here; well two main ones - West Edmonton Mall and Chinatown!
It is going to be an emotional weekend.  We are interring Lisa's ashes on Saturday.  Harvey has invited Lisa's close friends and neighbors to attend.  I am glad Lisa will be there as I will be able to go and visit alone. 
Cevyn has asked when it is going to be done.  She came with us to purchase the plot and stone.  I think perhaps she will go there to visit from time to time too.  It is a 20 - 30 minute walk from their house.
Now to get back to cleaning for the house sitter!