Eight days until I start my treatments

I wish I was a tea pot.  Tea pots have this neat little hole on the top and when the pressure inside gets to high steam comes out.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could realease the pressure inside of us like that? The pressure inside of my has been steadily building for some time.  I was diagnosed with Hep C during a routine physical exam that was required before my wife and I were appointed as full time missionaries to West Africa.  Instead of starting a new life as a missionary, I am facing months of treatments.  Days after my official diagnosis, my best friend died of cancer.  Days later my wife and I were mandatorily evacuated due to hurricane Ike.  Our church and our home, indeed, our whole community were severally damaged by the hurricane.   During the three months that followed my wife and I, and our two dogs, were house guests with a friend until our house was repaired. Between relief efforts with the Red Cross and FEMA and managing contractors at the house and the church I continued with lab work and liver biopsies.  The pressure continued to build. Even though I have had some time to prepare, I still feel the pressure of not knowing if I have taken care of all that needs to be done.  Not knowing what my reaction to the treatment is going to be I have worked hard to place as many things as I can on "Auto Pilot".  But what have I  forgotten? In the next eight days I am going to lean on the Word...hard.  In Philippians one finds these words, "Be anxious for nothing..." Sign me up!  In I Peter chapter five one can find these words, "Cast all your cares upon Him because He cares for you."  Again, where do I sign up for that? You know, that best part about tea pots is not the neat little hole on the top where steam comes out when the pressure is to high. No, the best apart about tea pots is that when the heat and pressure cause the tea pot to scream that high pitched sound...a hand appears and lifts the pot off the fire.  Today, I am trusting the Lord to be that hand.   All together now...."I'm a little tea pot...." God bless,Pastor Rob