EEG results

It has taken 15 days for the specialist to read and report on my EEG.  Findings:  . . .no epileptiform abnormailty is identified.  Narcolepsy cataplexy syndrome or another REM-related sleep disorder is suspected.  Consideration of all-night polysomnography with associated with multiple sleep latency testing my be worthwhile.  Appropriate mediation changes could be carried out in preparation for these studies." So now i continue to wait for the specialists office to give me an appointment. They have already told me they are very booked. The idea of having to change my meds so i can do further testing is worrisome to me as I have had to go off my antidepressents before and the result is always a VERY Depressed Cheryl.  Not looking forward to that part of it, but I'm so wanting to get better that I will do what is needed to get the medications that will keep me from collapsing.  I take walks with my dog, he on a very short leash and i stay on one side of the road so i never need to cross the street in case i may have a spell.  We have HUGE dumptrucks that drive this road all day long. I have forgotten how long it has been since i last drove, maybe a month now.  I have to rely on a community agency to take me to any medical appointments, I usually have at least one a week for an unrelated ilness.