easy does it

wel a lot happened jus recentlymy eldest daughter went to 'bch' on tuesday for a big testwell what a lot of emotions it sprung in meyou see i used to call my eldest daughter havin an op at 'bch' my triggerhhhmmm ye ts not folks btw it was jus my bloody excuse to drinksimple as so ye mon night i find meself bac in the same old behaviour pattern of wanting a drinkfirst time ive seroiusly craved drink in my 5 months of being soberso what did i do about itsimplei surrounded meself with other alchaholicsi went to a meeting monday night and again tues night after she had ad the test doneand yes i found it very hard to go thru the cravings and yes i found meself resorting to an old behaviour on monday afternoon but you know what I DID NOT DRINKabsolutly fantastic so tonigh im going outwill be the first time ive gone out ot a wet placebut im looking forward to iti will be with other alchaholicsso i will be safeand ye it is jus about me being safe atmand if that is what elps me to do this i simple will do itgoing to watch a live band at granviless in stonead yep i am aware that the last time i was their infeb this year i was drunkbut i am going to go out with my friends and have a bloody good timesimple asi will tell you all how i got on after tonightand if i have to leave early so whatim allowed to do thatsimple asxxx



didnt go out stayed in
simple as