Earth Day-April 22nd,2008

Today was Earth Day.I will always remember this day.I was in New York then and I saw all of these people.They looked strange back then.One of them came walking by me..she had on a gas mask! It was just so strange back then.But I will admire them for it.However,I do believe that we are getting out of hand with this Earth Day.I live in seattle and now several stores have banned plastic shopping bags.They are offering these cloth shopping bags and i brought a few,only to have one of them fall apart on me.Lets start to be reasonable about this.We are getting to be a whole nation of complaining and whiners just like the yo-yos who listen to Dr. Phil.We are always whining.And I used to whine also,but it does no good and who listens anyway?I am in a lot of pain and noone really knows.The mental health system here in in crisis and there isĀ  a long waiting list,not to mention the doctors here are not that good in dealing with certain issues.I have tried my best to be nice and everything.And since my brother died,well for some reason..this idiot of a friend of mine does not talk to me.For some reason,she avoids me.And I have stopped asking why.Frank was right before he died he told me that people can be full of bull.And he is so right.Today I awoke and I tried not to cry.I tried to be happy and this pain is inside of me so much that I cannot let it go.Anyone who says that time heals all wounds does not know what they are talking about.My wounds are getting open almost every day and noone in seattle seems to care.I have got 3 cats and they are more important to me now then my boyfriend will ever be.He aint no prize and I just dont know what to do anymore..but I cannot leave him right now and he can do es know this.SO I will write again tomorrow.Cheerio.