Early Spring!

Well, I got stuck into some early springcleaning today!  Feels good.  I am tired but feel satisfied that things are getting cleared. 
Blasted throat is still sore and I can only eat soft things - great excuse for ice-cream!! 
Have just created a DS site called SIMPLY POETRY and if anyone loves to read - or write - poetry, they are welcome to have a nosey and a chat.  Discuss all things poetic!  It might inspire you, move you, or uplift you.   Poems can be on any subject, any length and either rhyming or non-rhyming (personally, I prefer non-rhyming as you can relax and not have to think about what word rhymes with such-and-such and therefore the poem can be more natural).
Might see you there!



Sorry to hear you have a sore throat . I have been to the Dr. 2 times in 6 weeks for an upper respiratory infection and wake up every morning with a sore that and a very stuffed up nose! Is yours from an infection ,or did you have recent surgery or something?
I used to write a lot when I was younger..But seem to be no good at it anymore.I had an illness that affected my short term memory in 2009, and now I just can\'t seem to write a word..or two! I might take peak at your group and therefore become inspired.Who knows?

On another note ,I wish I could get some enthusiasm up to do some spring cleaning!!! But it is cold here and it just doesn\'t move me to do anything. Good luck with your new group.I will look for it and be a bystander for a while, maybe one day I will feel inspired to write a poem! Thanks, Many blessings! Your friend :-)Shelley

Dear friend, Your spring cleaning sound just like what my winter-weary house needs!

Hope that sore throat clears up fast...boy you got really whalloped this winter...get well wishes sent your way....

I\'m looking forward to reading and writing some poetry. I have more time now that my mother does not need me constantly.

I hope your sore throat gets better soon., Take care, and keep in touch.