Someone asked me about the eagle photo I have. Here is the story behind them.
I can tell you how to attract eagles, its real easy.  You just take all the meat scraps from all the local grocery stores and throw it in a big field every evening at dusk. I guarantee you when the cold winter comes,  and food gets scarce,  you will have some eagles!  You may also have alot of other animals such as  crows, in fact,  the eagles wait for the crows to tear up the meat and do all the work and the eagles bombard the crows in mid air and steal the meat from them!  haha!  It's fascinating to watch them.  I have counted as many as 30 at one time!  But now that the ice is off the water,  the eagles disappear.  They go fishing instead because they prefer fish.
  The eagles have created alot of local interest.  People stop to view them and sometimes create a traffic jam.  There was even a front page story about them in the local newspaper.  Since that story appeared, more stores have donated food for them!  Many people stop with huge cameras on tripods to take photos of them and this is one such photo that someone dropped off to us btw.   There was even a calender made with some of the eagle pictures!  We have a copy of that also.
These are not  our eagles by the way but we help with feeding them by picking up food and donating our own scraps.  My sister-in-law who lives two houses down and is a fervent animal lover, started this many years ago.  She has a handicapped son in a wheelchair who loves to watch them along with the turkeys, skunks, coons, deer and all the other ones that the food attracts. 
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