drunk again

Well, the vertigo is still coming and going. It came yesterday and I had to hide it from my husband because we were planning a dinner party.  We have not had people over for a very long time and I really wanted to do this.  The vertigo wasn't at it's worst, so I didn't medicate and I dealt with it.  This morning I woke up and felt ok.  Went to the matinee at the movie and started to feel nausea and dizzy.  I was thinking  that it might have been smart to bring my meds for the vertigo. I suffered thru and just kept my head still. I made it thru the movie ok, but when I got up to leave I was stumbling around like a drunk again.  My right leg not wanting to work. I have tingles in my right foot.  Don't know quite what brought it on. I guess two weeks of vertigo is going to have an effect somewhere tho.  Hubby wanted to do some shopping for the house, but he just brought us all home cuz I couldn't walk without help. Lucky for me my 13 year old son is there for me. He comes and holds me up and helps me walk.  He is really an amazing young man.  I am very proud of him.  Once home, I ate some lunch and then was so exhausted that I had to lay down.  Took a power nap and my leg seems better, but my balance is off quite a bit. We were going to take the kids to water world this week, not sure how that will go now.  I am willing to go in my wheelchair and watch just so they can have some fun. Poor kids didn't do anything when they were at their father's house.  He treats his step children better than his own. :(