Driving Without Headlights

Too much going on and the Chargers blowing another one, I've sort of lost focus on my project here.  But I suppose that is to be expected.  After all, when we travel this road, we should expect anything to happen.  After resuming my Zoloft, the crazyness is dissipating, and a calmness of sorts is reappearing in my brain.  That's a relief, because the highs and lows were getting a little too high and then a little too low.  I don't like drugs, but I guess Zoloft isn't that kind of a drug anyway.  And if it helps me keep both oars in the water and paddling straight, I suppose I'll take it willingly. 
That being said, I'm just going to hang out for a day or two and let my meds do what they do and when the "writer's block" eases and the inspiration strikes me as it always does, I'll return with a vengeance and continue to document my process of re-establishing my relationship with the Father.  He has been real good to me of late, and I have actually made the commitment to myself to put Him before me and all others, and let him guide me through what time he is going to give me to hang out on this earth.  It's a huge step for me, but He is doing a pretty perfect job of driving these past few weeks.  It's time for me to take my foot off of the breaks and my hands off the steering wheel and move out of His way.  Don't know where we're going yet, but it can't be worse than where I was headed when I was driving.  Not a song....but it will make you sing.......