Dr. visit

I had my usual 3 month check up yesterday. The Ra is doing o.k. but the Osteo is acting up.  For the last 3 weeks I have been having a pretty bad sharp pain in my right groin area. Just put it off to upping my chol. med so the doctor lowered it back down. Did not help much. Sunday I stepped off my porch and my right hip popped and almost instant releif till the next morning.  I did learn something new. When you have pain in your groin area it is your hip. When it is on the side and toward your buttocks it is bursitis (spelled wrong I am sure).  I only have 25% motion in the right hip.  The ball joint is getting ate up from the Osteo. The left hip is just as bad but has never hurt me. He is predicting in the next year I will have a hip replacement. Ain't going to happen as I can not afford to take off from work for recuperating and rehab.  Wanted to do an injection but I said No. When it gets worse I will do it, maybe. Hopefully I can put it off till I can retire-another 3 years.