Downgraded my "Feel-Good" Status

to FAIR, because the economy is really grating on my nerves, and making me feel rather helpless.  I normally make a pretty good living working free-lance, and the free-lance work is still trickling in, but it's slowed to a dribble that is no longer keeping up with the bills, so it's time to hunker down and get ready to attack a full-time job.  I'm shooting out dozens of resumes on careerbuilder.  But in what-?   I've done sales in the past and didn't meet the quota, so they let me go.  I didn't believe in the product I was selling, and cold-calling is a bit unnerving, because I'm always disturbing people at dinner or some other inconvenient time.  Customer service is looking increasingly appealing.  Customers call me and I solve their problem.  Getting ready to put my smiley-face and A-game on and try to be excited about a position that a year ago I would've frowned upon.  My SELF-ESTEEM is good, but my esteem in THE WORLD and the corporate hierarchy sucks, and I'm trying to work on my attitude about that...and be more positive. In the end, it's all about serving people, which is what I do free-lance now...starting with my soon-to-be-boss.  Always prided myself on being my own boss, and now it's time to swallow that pride, dig in, dig deep and serve another's needs for far less pay in more time.  What is your need?  I'll fill it, dilligently, efficiently and with passion.