Double nephrectomy getting close

Well my op date is set for 2nd November- both kidneys will be being removed using open surgery technique due to size and possible cancers. I know there are extra risks with open surgenry when 2 kidneys are going and with my function being so low and probably starting dialysis at same time or just before. Surgeon has already advised that he will need 2 surgeons to assist him and it will be a minimum of 7 hours without any complications. I can't lie on my frontdue to pain from kidneys and liver size. And I can't help worrying about not waking up after operation. this has prompted me to make will for me and my husband and I have been getting all policies in order so everything can be easily found should anything bad happen. I am considering starting e memory book for both my 17 and 20 yr old daughters and really wanted their input with it and don't know how to approach this with them. I'm probably sounding like a drama queen but I really can't bare the thought of not having said some of the things I would wish to say in the future. Am I sad-? Is this a good or a bad idea? I feel really torn and time is ticking by.
Further update before posting- isn't likey that my fitula is ready -got a call from fistula surgeon to go to his clinin on Wdnesday so he can see it in the flesh but anticipates I will need further op on this before. Typing this at 4.00 in morning as both sleeping tablets have worn off again and my back is aching terribly now. Have regular viral feeling that comes and goes and has done for last 18 months but now only seems to come and stay. Worried that kidney removal will not get rid of this as it really feels like its radiating from my liver. It may sound really sily to some of you and I can appreciate that but I have no interest in food at all and can barely make myself swallow any- also can't remember to eat as I know longer have family meals. At then end of every day I think 'I have eaten anything today?' and my usual response is 'No- I've forgotten to'- this makes my husband really mad, and really frustrates me aswell- I'm managing more on sweets (bags of) than anything else. I do really try and I know the lack of eating is adding to my already escalating issues but can't get my head around it...I can have milkshaskes though and there is a certain brand that I really enjoy at the moment- a litre of this is equivalent to 1000 calories so I'm gonna make sure I have one of these every day. Other than that feeling really low and sorry for myself. I'm having IV iron on Thursday so have to stop iron meds (usually take 6 tablets a day) this is having a real negative imact on my ability to breathe and is also getting me down. My uisband has watched for days with menow gasping for air and being unable to get around the house and I think the 'penny' has finally dropped that I am really unwell- and he acknowledged this for the first time ever tonight. I'm waffling I know- just took another sleeping tablet and hacing a cup of war milk and preparing myself for a day in bed tomorrow. The added stress of worrying about upcoming birthdays and Christmas whilst I am laid up doesn't help. Sorry but feeling in dumps today. Thanks for listening



Hi Julie

No need to reply to my questions on the forum. I found this. See I haven\'t been on here for so long I don\'t know my way around.

Rhonda (yvette)