DOTA 2 is one from the biggest titles within the world

DOTA 2 is one from the biggest titles within the world of gaming and Valve says it intends to enhance the communication process with fans from the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena experience, however it continues to provide surprises that may disappoint some members from the community.Erik Johnson, one from the leading developers in the company, tells PC Gamer he understands why gamers wish to get information that s perfectly clear, but younger crowd believes that updates are wonderful as long because they feature all of the details gamers need.He states, We still believe, fundamentally, our strongest type of communication is software. You can discern everything we ve done and everything we re thinking by studying an update. We think that there s some quantity of value in only surprising the city with something you didn t think was coming, and that we wouldn t wish to lose that. Johnson also causes it to be clear that Valve cares a great deal about DOTA 2 and it is fans, despite what some might believe.At exactly the same time, the studio doesn't have intends to introduce community managers for that MOBA title since it wants information in the future from developers who're actually focusing on the knowledge every single day.

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