dont know

dont know how i feel right nowfeel sadnessthat i knowfeel very very tiredpysically and ye mentallyyou see i dont know how to live sanelyyep im enjoyin my new found freedomand it is freedomaway from the boozebut im not getting much  freedom from my headlets put it in a nutshellive either been drunk or insane and loclked away in nuthouses for the last 9 yrsso the past 6 mths have been nicenot drunk not in a nuthousebut ill tell ya wot me head is goin crackers with god only knows wot feelingsim not sure wot they are meselfi can feel meself detaching slowly from life itselfwamting to isolate or jus sleep anmd sleep some morehhhmmm feel like im stuck in a rutnot happy at home atmall he ever does is play on his wowsuits me tho saves me having to talki feel lonelyoh so lonelyand i shouldnt cus i have some wonderful friends i have met in the past 6 mthswho invlove me in their livesand that is nicefeel itchy feet syndrome comin onbut know that will lead to self destruct behaviour.the urge to run is overwhelmingbut i know the consequences of my actions if i do thisso stay put is the answerhhhmmmwhateverxxx