Don't know when I'll be ready...

I'm still on fb. I hid my ex so that I won't see any of his post. I hid all his friends so that I don't see their comments on each other's walls. But I don't delete any of them, because I'm playing the high road. I feel quite ok with it. Sometimes, I saw his pic profile on the side of the page.
Today I saw his pic profile again. For a moment, I felt that I want to open his page so badly. It's more than 7 months now since the break-up and more than 4 months of no contact. And for that moment, I was shaking. I was scared that I'd see something hurtful about him and the other girl. I felt that my heart beat hard and someone was about to want to kick in my stomach. I close the page immediately.
When will that feeling of fear be over? When will I feel fine to open his page again? When will I stop shaking when I'm so close to have a look at this past I had.