Domestic Violence.

So, at school today my only lesson was a double period of Sociology in the afternoon.
After a morning of consoling my sister preceding the breakup with her boyfriend i went to lesson and on the board "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" was written in large capital letters.
Fan-fucking-tastic. My sister was a victem of severe domestic violence and was nearly killed, after years of abuse she finally broke free and is back on track to becoming who she used to be.
So seeing this on the board made me realise this wasnt going to be any fun. Being in a bad mood already i'd refused to look at the work sheets and pay any attention. We were told at the begining of the lesson that this would be a touchy subject and anyone who didnt want to be there didnt have to be. However, when something like this comes up and someone actually does leave, it is inevitable that the rest of the class spend the remainder of the lesson pondering what could have happened to that person that means they cant stay in lesson? So, i stayed.
After reading through a variety of statistics we were given a work sheet, and on the front was a picture of Rhianna, who during some period of last year experienced Domestic Violence thanks to the one and only Chris Brown. This wasnt just any picture but one showing all of her bruises and leisions. I told the teacher i didnt want a copy and she threw one on my desk regardless. After pushing it aside she asked what was wrong and i replied that i didnt want to look at it, and that it makes me feel sick. As i was saying this i could hear my voice cracking and i was suddenly balling my eyes out. I ran out of class and straight to the toilets.
I know that i never personally experienced any form of violence and that really i might have over-reacted. But like it's been described by many people, i have a strangely close relationship with my sister and the thought of her being hurt makes me feel not only sick to my stomach but so angry. She is constantly being treated like shit and like shes worthless and ive no idea why? Yes me and her have had our arguments in the past but thats what sisters do. Seeing that picture of Rhianna just reminded me of what happened to her and we're all, as a family, working together to put the entire ordeal behind us and i dont want it being dragged up again.
Bad things, should happen to bad people, not good people.