Doing well!

I had 1 anxiety attack the first night here and got through it with no Xanax!  I can't believe no panic attacks before or on plane and rest of week has been great!  I have had a couple of minor anxiety attacks but nothing bad except for the first night.  A few times this overwhelming "feeling" of "I want to go home."  I REALLY miss Kona terribly.  My Mom says she goes out and does her business then sits and looks out the back gate, waiting for me to come get her!  And my mom has her issues with Max and she sounds really cranky on the phone the few times I spoke with her.  I am sure the 100 degree weather everyday does not help. 
We went to the San Diego Zoo.  David got to feed the giraffes!  We went for a long walk along Mission Beach and David rode his skateboard.  David and Paul went to Comic Con one day and I finished reading a book.  We went to Santa Monica Pier one day.  We went to Hearst Castle today.  David went fishing yesterday at the pier at Avila Beach and caught a barracuda.  He saw a humpback whale!  David has been swimming every day.  Pool here in Pismo Beach is heated!  High today of 71 degrees, low of 58 degrees!  We went to the California Mid County State Fair and saw lots of cows, horses, pigs and sheep.  We ate lots of food and listened to several bands and saw the Counting Crows concert.  Tomorrow we drive back towards Los Angeles and stay our last night in a hotel there.  We may go to Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Thursday is the long flight home.  We don't get home until 10:45pm and then drive home from airport. 
I really miss Kona, although i am not quite homesick.  (Don't miss work at all!)  I can't wait though to pick up the new puppy!  We are still fighting over his name.  I want to name him Reggie.  Paul and David like Riddick.  (as in "Pitch Black" and "The Chronicles of Riddick.")  Another name floating around is "Berkley." 
Miss you guys!  Will try to catch up with everyone this weekend!  I am also going to hopefully upload some photos too!  Take care everyone!