Doing "normal things"

Today is the really the first day of doing normal things since stephen's passing on the 11th of Jan., I'm changing sheets, washing, cleaning, etc. It feels normal as he wasn't around when I was doing these things, however he was who I was doing these things for. I loved having everything "perfect" for him when he came home from work, dinner ready, etc. Now I don't know why to do all these everyday things. I always feel so sad. We took joy in everything as a couple, I know it will take time but I want to feel joy again.


Community LeaderShrn

It\'s so hard trying to go about daily tasks. I did them while tears flowed down my cheeks. For a while I stopped even trying. It\'s a hard path to walk, but I\'m glad to welcome you to the group. I hope you find it helpful. Sharon

Doing those everyday tasks is hard--so you are showing real strength in getting back to them. It is hard sometimes to do them when the \"why\" you did them isn\'t there any longer. I went for several weeks not being able to make myself do much of anything other than what absolutely had to be done--it felt futile. I found it was ok--the world wouldn\'t come to an end if I didn\'t get the floor mopped or the sheets changed--but I also found that I felt better once I did them--it made me feel like I was progressing somewhat. You will find joy again--it will come in small ways at first--and there will still be tears and sadness--but the little joys will come more often as you progress down this road. I\'m glad you found this site, it\'s good to have others to share this walk with--people who understand what you are going through. Welcome