doing MUCH better, even dating!!! :-)

i rarely come on here anymore. been in counseling alomst 3 years working on this stuff. i am about to forgive my father, i am very close. doing it only for me, not him. my sister went back to her head in the sand. she got a big promotion at work, and just loses herself in her work. i on the other hand never felt better. i am dating, and have expereinced moments of true intimacy that have KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF!!! LOL i never knew being intimate could feel like THAT! now i know why people like it so much! LOL it has been a LOT of work, but well worth it.
i am being presented with a very similir scenario at work where a head director is sexual harrassing me, and becuase i have turned him down, he is making my life difficult, however i am working through it and also healing the old wounds by learning how to respond as an adult, instead of acting out like a wounded child. i love my child today, but i try to show him that acting out does not help us to get what we want. its a wonderful feeling to stand up for yourself in a healthy assertive way.
Thank you my DS brothers and sisters!!! Dont forget to Love yourself!!!!