Doctors App. Update

Well today was my doctors appointment. It went well. The doctor said everythings going good. He was really happy with the results of the heart ultrasound and wasnt worried about the fluid around Braydens heart. He said he'll see me again in 4 weeks then after that it will go to every 2 weeks. Then in the end it will be every week. Going to every 2 weeks makes me feel like I'm getting close to the end. There was a few things that I'm upset about first he said they dont do 3D ultrasounds unless theres something wrong so I wont be getting one. I REALLY want one. I dont know if I can find somewhere else that will do them or not. Second I gained 11lbs in a month!!!! The doctor didnt care but GEEEES 11lbs. Last month I only gained 3. I couldnt believe it. Thats a total of 24. And I still have 16 weeks left. I told my husband no wonder I've been getting so tired lately. Well thats about all I have....I think I might be getting sick. My throat is burning which isnt heartburn so I'd say its the start of a sore throat. UGH!!!!! Oh...I have to do the diabetes test next month when I go. They never said if I had to fast or not. I guess not or he would have told me. I dont know. Well I better go. Oh I'm going to my moms tomorrow so I'll be able to upload some pictures. Hugs Monica.