doctor visit

Dear Friends,  We say the oncologist on Wednesday of this week. For blood work and consult. Steve creatine has been creeping up some the past two months.  He is not drinking caffeine and drinks a lot of water. I have noticed that he is going to the bathroom a lot.  Sometimes 3 times a night.  I have tried to get him to see the urologist but he says not now.
Dr. Amin discussed a new trial that he is doing now.  Does not have a name yet, just a number. It would require infusion once every 3 weeks.  Wonderful that something new is coming but very scary to Steve and I.  He would go to Vytorin first. But at least he is a candidate for the new trial. Thank you God for that.
I get thru each day by putting it in the back of my mind.  If I stop to think about it I get into a difficult place in my mind.  But I choose to trust God for our future.
God bless each of you this day.