Do what right for me and kids

Im kinda slow on the uptake at times but I came to the absolute conclusion that I have to put my husband out.I am in an emotionally mentally abusive relationship. There I said it.Please pray for me this man has me coming and going but I finally heard God through DS.Last night for the first time in over 20 years I had a suicide thought.Gotta go before my kids loose me and end up with a tyrant for a father. He is very sneaky and because I am generally regarded and see myself as a strong woman I couldn't believe what I have allowed to go on.I really didn 't realize what it was until this weekend (been married almost 11 years)Im in a go, stay, crazy, sane place  right now.  Please pray that I don't fall for his sweet side again. Pray for my kid, they are in therapy for emotional issues and I HAVE to protect them since he wont. God be with me.