Discover Mijares Mexican Restaurant In Pasadena California

Mijares Mexican Restaurant in Pasadena, California is very nicely identified for two issues, their margaritas and their all you can consume Sunday champaign buffet brunch, both of which are outstanding. This restaurant has been around for what appears like forever and has created a crowd of really loyal patrons.

Though it is justly nicely identified for it really is Sunday buffet, this is a good place to dine in at any time. Their meals is always fresh and properly ready and their service is generally above typical. Dig up further on the affiliated article directory by visiting Spivey - Freelance Video Editor - FreelanceSwitch. The atmosphere is casual, relaxed and friendly and their prices are really reasonable.

Every single when in a although an individual will inform me that the meals here is not authentic Mexican cuisine (most of these people, by the way, are not Mexican or Hispanic and have never been to Mexico). When I ask them why they feel that the meals is not authentic, they say that the food is not spicy or hot adequate. This pictorial View topic - Picking The Proper Filter For Your Air Conditioner wiki has oodles of original warnings for when to recognize this idea. They say that Mexican food is really hot since of all the chili that is added during cooking. Properly, I have news for those people, not all Mexicans like their food additional spicy and several that do enjoy it hot like to add their chili even though they are eating. Each Mexican that I know who has eaten here likes the way the meals is prepared and likes the chilis and salses that are served with the meals. My son, who is 1 half Mexican, likes his meals hot, the hotter the much better, but this is a single of his preferred Mexican restaurants. He says that neither the meals nor the salsas can examine with those prepared by his mother or grandmother but they are better those served in most Mexican restaurants that he has been to.

I have been a fan of Mexican cuisine given that I met my wife in 1966. I do not like hot or quite spicey food but I do like effectively ready meals with great flavor. I do not feel that anybody can cook much better than my wife, even so we each like to go out to consume and we each enjoy great Mexican restaurants. While there are some Mexican restaurants that I favor over Mijares, none of them are in Pasadena.

The Sunday brunch at Mijares is very very good and at $16.95 per individual is really low cost. Some men and women I know drink that considerably in free of charge champaign and mimosas. If you are not that significantly into Mexican meals the buffet also has eggs, hash browns, bacon, ham and delicious ribs. Their omelet chef tends to make outstanding omelets and absolutely does not stint on the components. If you are into Mexican food they serve menudo, fajitas, various varieties of tacos, enchiladas, carnitas, rice, beans and more. They have a good selection of desserts such as flan and lots of fruit.

Mijares has a relatively modest but properly stocked bar. It appears, however that practically absolutely everyone goes there for the margaritas which are affordable, generously proportioned and created with excellent quality tequila. To discover additional info, people can check-out: los angeles hvac. The bartenders are friendly and the patrons at the bar usually appear to be component of one big celebration.

Mijares Mexican Restaurant is a household owned restaurant and is positioned in it's own hacienda style creating at 145 Palmetto Drive, Pasadena, California. It has a lot of cost-free and valet parking except on Friday and Saturday nights when it appears as if practically everyone in the San Gabriel Valley is there partying, consuming, drinking margaritas and listening to mariachi music.

Reservations are not essential but they are a very good concept. The phone number for Mijares is 626-792-2763.

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