Hello everyone. I am having a huge dilemma that may throw my whole cycle off. Well My ER is tomorrow morning at 11am but they want me to be there by 9:30am. My boyfriend works and will not be able to get off of work and just yesterday received a written warning for being late. My RE informed me that i would need to bring his sperm with me when I come in at 9:30 if he is unable to be with me to produce and you are only allowed an hour after collecting to have it to the lab or the sperm is no good. Well today my boyfriend explained to me that the latest that he could produce with out being late to work would be 8:00. I dont know what to do and he does not look as though he going to take the day off or go in late. I dont want to jepardize his job but this has been a perfect cycle up until now. My linning is beatiful and I have lots of eggs but its no good if they dont fertilize. I dont know what to do. I wish they could make my ER at an earlier time. I am really getting freaked out.
I hope you all undestand what I am writting as I am just tying my thoughts with out proof reading. i am just really nervous that this cycle may turn out to be a waste. I am trying to stay positive as I have been through out the whole cycle until now. Why cant I just get pregnant the natural way. THis is so freaking frustrating.