Did My 5k Today!

Today I did my 5k walk! It took me 94 minutes and 20 seconds. I'm doing my journal early today since I seem to be in a mixed state (half hypomanic and half depressed) where I'm down at night and can't seem to function. I just started dinner, so hopefully by the time Geo gets home it will be done. He had to go pick up his family at the airport today and return the car, so he stayed with them for a while after. His baby sister has strep throat (she got it on vacation) so he will have to be careful around her. He might have just gotten over it himself (but he got it like a month ago, so he didn't give it to his sister) so I don't want him catching it again. 
Yesterday was actually a pretty busy day for me, maybe that's why I was so tired.... I got up, went to volunteer and stuffed envelopes for an hour before I had to go. I just wanted to go for a bit to see what was going on, so I went and that's what they were doing. I walked home and then went to go see Green Lantern (the live action one that just came out) and I liked the movie. Geo and I went to Target afterwards to get his meds and then we went home. I took a nap, since I had only gotten 7 hours of sleep the night before and then never really woke up fully till this morning. I tried doing my journal last night, but you saw it, I was brain fried. The depression does it to me. It mostly makes me really tired and hard to move, even get out of bed. I don't feel down most of the time when I'm in the downswing of the bipolar, I just feel lethargic.
I think I'm going through both the up and down at the same time (mixed episode) since today after I got up and got myself going again, I felt good enough to walk my 5K (3.1 miles), and I did it in only 5 minutes more than it took me to walk 2.75 miles, which is pretty good in my book. When I was walking, I thought I was walking slow, but I kept up a pace of about 31 minutes a mile which is better than the 41 minutes a mile I started out with when I started the whole Couch to 5K program. I'm not really getting faster anymore, but I know once I start throwing jogging into the mix I'm going to get faster. I actually jogged for about a minute in the middle of my 5k walk today, I had that much energy. I was so proud of myself for doing the whole thing without sitting down once! I'm going to update my "Getting Healthy" goal today even though I gained a pound because I did so well on my walk. I will move it to 50% complete when I get under 240 pounds, and I think I will move it to complete once I reach 225 pounds. That's the lowest I was the last time I tried to lose weight. 
Other than the walk today, I didn't do much. I finally slept (with the help of klonopin in the morning) enough (12 hours), and I've been feeling pretty good throughout the day. I'm doing good on my food, I made a recipe for low fat Alfredo sauce and it came out pretty good. I ate it too late, though, and it's going to mess with my dinner. I guess I will just eat dinner later (if at all, since I'm going to probably be brain fried again soon). I have to stay up until 9:30 since that's when I take my pills, but soon after that I think I'm going to fall asleep. Which is good, since I have therapy tomorrow in the morning. Stress was low today, and everything else was good.