Diatomaceous Earth

Another great  day for laundry.Nice breeze coming in the windows.Sister bought  a big bag of Diatomaceous Earth to try killing the fleas.  Seems Humans have been using it too.  They add 1 tablespoonful, daily, to food or juice.   Some of those using it have reported lower blood pressure and cholesterol, better blood sugar counts, stronger hair/nails, less joint pain, weight loss.  Some other effects I forget.  I figure I will try it to see if it eases my knee pain.Groundhog still here.  Loves Honeydew melon.  I hope it likes the Casaba melon.  I thought it was awful and put the rest out for the wildlife.  Cardinals might eat the seeds.  I have seen them eat Muskmelon seeds.  'Hog can have the rest.