Diary Instalment: 19th/20th June 2014

19th/20th June 2014
Wokie Up: 19th June, 9:15pmSlept At: 20th June, 2:30pm
Wokie Up An Seen That Lady GaGa Is Releasing The Music Video For Do What U Want Later, Im Excited, Yay!! :D Added Cassie On Ourworld, She Gave Her Heart To Someone On There Which Made Me A lil Jealous.
Cassie (22:51pm):Oh just saying I have a boyfriend on ourworld but we aren't dating xD We were three years ago but I haven't had the heart to take my heart away, I haven't talked to him in a year xas XD
That Made Me Get Depressed, Especially When I Seen In Her Album Ourworld They Were Taking Pictures Together On The 2nd Of June.. Ugh :( So I Said I Gave Mai Heart To Someone Too To Kinda Pretend It Didnt Hurt. Im Also Sad Cause Courtney Neva Got Back To Me About Mai Songs Either, She Said She'd Listen To Some A Few Days Ago But Neva Did :/ I Hate It When People Offer To Do Something Out Of Niceness But Dont Actually Wanna Do It So Then They Dont.
I Draw A Picture Thing On kik Saying "I Love You" For Cassie, Then She Drew "I <3 You More", Then I Wrote "Impossible <3", Then She Wrote "Nuh Uh" An I Wrote "Uh Huh" :D I Also Put A Bald Head On Cassies To Say She'd Look Just As Pretty Without Hair lmao x) We Both Went On Ourworld An She Gave Me A Tour Of Her Condo, The Kitchen, Bathroom An Garage. Then I Made "ARTPOP Melody #2". Chatted To Wanru On Facebook, She Made Me Laugh Because The Way She Said It :D
Wanru (6:15am):helloooooooooooooooo
Radocto (6:16am):Heylo
Wanru (6:20am):do u against eating dog?
Radocto (6:21am):Yes, Why? :)
Wanru (6:21am):because dog is our friend ?
Radocto (6:23am):Aww Yes Dogs Are Our Friends :)
Then She Taught Me Bad Words In Chinese lmao It Was Fun :D I Had Rice, Fish Fingers, Sausages, Eggs An Salt While Mum Went To Work, Then I Had A Bath. Watched Some Pranks On Youtube Then Seen Courtney Had Uploaded A Video Of Her Singing Last Month, It Was Good :) Layed With Candy For A Bit While Watching Sooty An Sweep Then Listened To Laurence Reed On BBC Radio Cornwall, They Were Having A Debate About "E-Cigerettes".