Diary Instalment:10th/11th June 2014

10th/11th June 2014
Wokie Up: 10th June, 5:00pm Slept At: 11th June, 8:00am
Spent All Day Chatting With China, Played XBOX With Dad An Mum Made Another Cake :) But Then We Argued And Broke Up :/
Made In China:you know what i think were done
Radocto:So Do I
She Said She Only Dates Because She Likes Hurting People And I Was "Just Another Chess Piece" :( She Said I Needed To Grow Up Because Im 19 An Still Live With Mai Mum, So I Just Told Her To Go, Check Mate.
Made In China:I like games and your deffently my new chess piece. I date because its all a game to me. You don't know what life is like, You live with your mom, Your what 19, Your not in collage? Why don't you grow up. Life is full of misery I'm just trying to share it, Hurting people is the only thing I know how to do
Then She Sent Me This Message, All Of It Is Lies.
Made In China:Please stop blocking me. Please hear me out. I really am sorry I don't want to loss you. You don't understand all thoughs girls after you and you picked me I thought you were crazy. I really couldn't handle all thoughs messages thy were sending me. I keept hitting delete and hoping it would go away but it didn't. I would get on and there would be 20 messages of the same thing. They wanted you I was in their way. But now that I'm out of the way they stopped messaging me. I didn't want to do it. It drove me crazy just thinking about everything. I really had the best time being with you I wish it could have lasted forever but if didn't because I fucked up and let thoughts stupid girls get to me. I understand that and I know I lost you I just don't want you to hate me. I wanted to love you but I never got the chance. I'm really heart broken. I try not to date on OW but you were special to me. You still are. My spiritual heart belongs to you. I've said a lot I've done a lot but I haven't tried this hard for a guy. But I really want you. I know what i did was wrong.
I Replied With This Before Blocking Her Again.
Radocto:Yes I Am Very Happi Actually, I Dont Want You, Is That Clear? :)
She Kept Making More An More Accounts Saying She Loves Me An Wants Another Chance, But Its Too Late, I Want Someone Better :)
Spoke To Cassie On Kik, She Told Her Parents Last Night She's Belimic, So I Made Sure To Do What Eva I Could To Make Her Happi.
Radocto:I Really Want To Help, Are You On Ourworld? You Can Come Hang With Me If That Will Take Your Mind Off Of It :)
Cassie:that's so nice of you I'd love to but I have to work on my project :/ maybe later I like kiking you though
Radocto:What Is Your Project? And You Like Kiking Me? That Isnt Very Nice :O Hehe :)
Cassie:HEEEEYYou made me smile :)I would never hurt you (:
Radocto:Oh Good Cause I Dont Like To Feel Hurty :3
Cassie:You're so nice lol, I really like you (:
Radocto:Aww Well Thanks You, I Like You Too! Your Very Sweet ^-^
Cassie:Thank you ((:
Radocto:Your Most Welcomes Ma'am *Tips Mai Hat* x)
Talked To Her All Night :)