Diabetic Fair

I went to the Fair on the weekend and it was excellent.  They had different tables with information on it and we each sat around a table.  I sat with some people I knew so that was good.  When we registered we were given a small back pack with some Glucerna Vanilla drink and a energy bar. Also a bag with some other stuff for diabetics in it.  They had very nice door prizes but I wasn't lucky enough to win.  They also gave out a set of measuring cups and measuring spoons and recipes.
They had a demostration on exercises with a latex band which they also gave to you.  Also a demostration on a new metre which was free. 
The last speaker was the nutritionist on food to watch , etc and then a Diabetic Jeopardy game.  We were also given a free lunch of soup, sandwich, veggies and dessert and at registration we were given a energy bar and refreshments.
It was a very good day and the first, hopefully of an annual fair.  It was put on by the hospital in our area, Diabetic Centre.