I heard the lawn care people working next door and remembered that I wanted to edge ,weed eat and mow my lawn!  Ok so I pull out the weed eater and prayed my back wouldn't let me down!  No problem til I ran out of string! I don't put in new string cause it's hard on my fingers!  Well at least I got most of what I wanted done with it anyway.  Then I tried to start the edger and it was not cooperating!  My husband has been doing the edging for several years and this edger is a little different than the one I used.  So I called hubby to get a run down on how this one starts.  Still having a problem when the mail man saw my frustration. He told me what he does when his weed eater doesn't cooperate and guess what?  It worked and I was able to edge! Yay! LOL!  YOu know my life must be boring when I get excited over an edger starting! LOL!  Just before I get to the last part needing edging the rain starts! OH NO! NOt NOW!  But not to worry, it was light and short lived.  Yay again! LOL!  I finally got the lawn mower started and was only a third of the way in the front yard when it started raining AGAIN!  I think Mother Nature was laughing at me!  I refused to stop! LOL!  I know all this yard work is gonna cost me a lot of pain later but I can't help wanting to contribute and accomplish something to my marriage!  My husband has two jobs! And yes I help a little with the business he owns, but can't help with the other cause the police department would frown on it! LOL!  No wives in Police car while on the clock! LOL!  So until this arthritis stops me all together, I will do what I can! And loving it!  Needless to say I was soaked before the rain stopped and the grass in front was cut!  Not stopping and on to the back yard!  Well by the time I got to the back yard the rain decided to let up and it was nice and cool and slighty cloudy so no burning hot sun baring down on me! Which means I will be less tired when finish the job! Yay! LOL!  So here I sit after a shower and a blow dry to my hair, typing in only slight agony, wanting to share my day with my friends.    :  )