Depressed Zombie

The Depressed Zombie
The Depressed Zombie awoke, Awakened by the sound of his own Weeping.
“Why must I cry?” asked the Zombie to the cold harsh sky. There was no answer.
The Zombie felt an Aloneness.
The Zombie slunked about, until he reached a door.
The Zombie knocked and tried to pry the door open.
A fraction of 10 years, the door budged less than a millimeter.
“I want to be free,” The Zombie wailed with impatience…
Finally a piercing ray of light peeped below the door. The Zombie was taken aback by the majestic light. He reached out to it but then The Zombie started prickling with fear,
What if the light is an illusion? What if I am just chasing this imaginary light?
What if Depression is all I am meant to have?
The Zombie was Horrified and took one last look at the light. It was so beautiful….
He fell backward and the door slammed shut!
The Zombie was Shaken in the dark. “I lost the light” The Zombie lamented….
He looked at the cold harsh sky and realized: He had not lost the light…
The light had never been there but it wasn’t an illusion.
The Zombie smiled for the first time because he realized that beautiful majestic Light came from inside him, His heart started to glow neon green.
Whenever he meets another Zombie desperate to find the light, The Zombie tells the other zombies,: WE MAY BE SURROUNDED BY THE DARK, IT IS THE ONE WHO FINDS THE TREASURED LIGHT WITHIN THAT FREES HIMSELF.
Go ahead open that door, but you’ll find that beloved light you’ve searched for is everywhere, even in the dark. The door is not important……



but what comes after \"the door is not important...\"
what comes after that part?
I liked your journal. i can\'t tell if it is scary or not or bad or good.
its ffamiliar. that\'s what it is.