Depressed after dr appt.

I am trying to get my dr to approve the nutritional supplement I have been taking for a year, in order to have insurance possibly add it to our deductible at least!  My dr seems to think it might be easier to have it on the benefit account where you have money set aside for it.
Why do I feel so blue???  I think it is just the relization that my life is determined (outcome) by this blasted illness I have.  I am hindered and propelled by the wrath of the illness.  Reliv does help, but it presents another delemia, money.  It is costly, and I don't think that it is going to be recognized by my insurance, other than adding to our yearly deductible, which may in the long run help some. 
I work so little anymore (four days a month), that the cost of it is very daunting.  My husband and I have our own separate accounts, I am responsible for my dr bills and my expenses.  He tends to believe if you are sick, get over it!  Dr's are only there to take your money and pay their car/house payment.  I am at the mercy of this horrible monster (fibro. not my husband).  Life sucks in a nutshell.  This isn't what I signed up for and I have a hard time looking a day ahead and not feeling like I am sinking into a black hole. 
I am only posting this, because I know there are others out there that feel the way I do, or this forum wouldn't exist.  Is there hope in tomorrow or just more hurt and emotional strain?  I am also having a horrible issue with my daughter who is 14, and she feels like I am out of touch with her and her needs basically.  So I feel like I am failing as a wife, mother, and human being, I can't contribute to society or my home life.  What a draining post, sorry, no good news.



Iam sorry you feel so blue,but its totally understood,this ugly monster fibro really does wear you down physically and mentally,I\'m going on 20yrs,I truely understand how you feel.All I caan tell you is that I will pray for you,I know in my life when I\'m in caring church like Iam now it really helps me. Gentle Hugs and Prayers,Hang in there we have a great support system here.