Deposit: $25 Balance: $60

i did my taxes and mailed them off.  i owed and it wasn't pretty.  (Deposit: $10)  i never do my taxes on time, i avoid paying, and have to pay more when the irs sends me a bill a month before the new tax year is due. lol
i dropped off my resume at this place i would like to work and i stopped off at this other place to check on the status of my resume i handed off to them.  (Deposit: $15)  i normally won't bother to check on my resume.  i would just wish that they call me.
i'm grateful for having the money to pay my taxes.
i'm grateful for the conversation i had with my cousin last night.  he has been a major support for me through this entire ordeal.  God bless him and his family.
i'm grateful for being out amongst people.  i'm in my favorite book store and i don't feel like an outsider.