\"Dentist\'s appointment\"

I think today was weird, in a way, funny.  I had an appointment with my dentist at 8:30AM, when I got there, they said they had no electricity, that I would have to come back around 1:30PM, I said, OK, no problem.  When I got to my car I just could not move the shift from Parking, I tried everything, and nothing.  I called my mother at home and said what was happening.  I just decided to come back home walking, oh well, I needed that walk.  Then when I got home I went to one of my neighbor's house and explained what had happened.  He said:  Let's go,  I'll find out what's wrong with it.  When we got there, he just sat in the car and started it, oh my God!  I felt so frustrated, but I thanked my neighbor and God, because nothing terrible had happened to me .  God Bless You All, Bonchi.